Is the Audi S4 reliable?

The Audi S4: A luxury sports sedan

While the 2018 Audi S4 maintains a somewhat understated approach, it still offers high-performance levels making it suitable for drivers who are searching for a stealthy performance car that's sure to turn heads on the road when it's reaching its full potential. The S4 is considered to be a sportier version of the more basic Audi A4, as its turbocharged mill boasts a whopping 6 cylinders instead of the usual 4. This subsequently generates a respectable 349 horsepower, and the fast-acting 8 speed Quattro all-wheel-drive helps to provide incomparable acceleration. A short drive in an S4 proves just how seamlessly it can switch from placid to playful, but some say the driving experience is simply entertaining instead of being wholly enchanting. The interior isn't the roomiest, but it's still exquisitely appointed while boasting a surprisingly spacious trunk that makes it ideal for a high-end family car. 

Despite its many positives, is the Audi S4 a reliable car that you can depend on? Read on to find out more as we investigate the dependability of the Audi S4 so that you can make the best decision for your next investment. 

So, is the Audi S4 reliable?

is the audi s4 reliable


Though it does offer a smooth drive and an attractive aesthetic, many people believe that the Audi S4 is slightly less reliable when compared with many of its similar competitors. You can expect the average Audi S4 to last up to and potentially over 100,000 miles without the need for significant repairs, but only if you take the time to perform routine maintenance while driving in a safe and controlled manner. A well looked after Audi S4 may last as long as 14 years if you make a conscious effort to take it in for regular maintenance and servicing, but this will only be the case if you do not fall victim to any common issues that are out of your control along the way. Unfortunately, if you do encounter any issues with your S4 then you can expect the repair costs to be higher when compared with other similar vehicles, as parts and labor are some of the most expensive on the market. 

Some of the issues that most Audi S4s experience prior to achieving 100,000 miles may not be particularly costly, such as commonly reported problems like water pump failures, problems with fuel pumps, ignition coils, chain tensioners, and ignition systems. However, just because these problems may be cheap to fix, this does mean that the car is particularly unreliable. A large number of S4 owners experience trouble with misfires due to bad coil packs, and such a problem usually occurs between 40,000 and 50,000 miles. This can lead to a build-up of fuel in the cylinder leading, causing cylinder misfires, rough idling, and even poor acceleration.


is the audi s4 reliable gca


The most expensive yet frequently seen issue that calls for the need for major repairs in Audi S4s is those that impact the DSG transmissions. Unfortunately, a lot of these common DSG problems can cost as much as $4,000 or even more repair properly, which may be something that you just can't afford. Failing to resolve DSG issues can lead to poor shifting between 1st and 2nd gears, and symptoms can occur in as little as 20,000 miles. These drawbacks seriously impact the reliability of an Audi S4, as you can expect to fork out many thousands of dollars to keep it in good condition if you were to fall victim to the problems described above. 

However, the main influencing factor that can impact the reliability of your Audi S4 is the way that you take care of it. If you choose to avoid all kinds of routine maintenance and servicing while driving like a madman with little thought for your car's wellbeing, then you will no doubt fall victim to these issues. On the other hand, actively looking after your S4 by regularly visiting your local certified mechanic to perform internal and external work while driving in a safe and controlled way will no doubt increase the reliability of your vehicle. 

As with most cars, you can extend an S4's lifespan by being a responsible and careful owner. Audi S4's boast some really respectable selling points overall, but they may not be the most reliable vehicle long-term without constant care and attention, which can be a costly commitment to make.