How To Get 15% Off Your Exhaust Purchase!

Thank you for joining the German Car Accessories, aka 'GCA', and GCA Performance family! We aim to create top-tier products, and would like your assistance. We are offering a 15% reimbursement on your exhaust purchase by filming and sharing a video of your setup on YouTube!
Follow these steps to make your video!
  1. Revs
    1. Valves open & closed
  2. Flybys
    1. Low speed
    2. Medium speed
    3. High speed (Make sure to be at High RPMS!)
  3. Interior Footage
    1. Display how the exhaust sounds from the interior
  4. Any other content you are able to include of the exhaust will be a bonus!
  5. Title your video "The car and the German Car Accessories/GCA Performance exhaust system you have". Examples:
    1. Audi B9 RS5 with German Car Accessories/GCA Performance Full Catback Exhaust System - Revs, Start Up, Sound Clips
    2. BMW G80 M3 with German Car Accessories/GCA Performance Full Catback Exhaust System with Downpipes - Revs, Fly Bys, Interior 
    3. Mercedes W205 C63 with German Car Accessories/GCA Performance Axleback Exhaust - Revs, Sound Clips
  6. Include the product link in the video description and include a short summary of your favorite part of your exhaust. Example:
    1. "Loving my German Car Accessories/GCA Performance Full Catback Exhaust system on my BMW G80 M3. The sound difference with the 3.5 inch equal length midpipe makes a huge difference, and being able to control the valves with the factory buttons makes it amazing. I can make it quiet when I'm coming home at night to not wake up my kids, but also make it scream on the streets!
    2. https://german-car-accessories.com/products/2021-bmw-m3-m4-valved-sport-exhaust-system-g80-g82-g83?variant=44676007362782

Fill out the form below and we will review your video within 24 hours. If your video meets all the requirements, we will refund you your 15% back to your original payment method!

Apply below:




  • Applicable to original purchaser only (refunds will only be made to the original payment method)
  • A maximum of 15% off the product purchase price can be refunded (If you purchased the exhaust with a discount, the 15% refund is off the discounted price)
  • The video needs to be a full YouTube Video, NOT a YouTube Short
  • You only have 3 months after the exhaust is delivered to produce and submit the video
  • Video must have the proper requirements, it can NOT have any music overlaying the sound of the vehicle
  • Video must stay posted to YouTube, if the video is removed after the refund is received your card will be re-charged
  • Video must showcase each different scenario, it cannot be 2 minutes of revs and 10 seconds of flybys
  • Video must have clear labels of when valves are open or closed, you are able to use captions on YouTube if you do not want to put text in the video